Cut-out: Roland Wesner - Untitled (Proscenium), 1979          

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Roland Wesner is a virtuoso painter with a wide range of technical possibilities from brush drawing to layer painting, gilding and glass art. In times determined by pop, op, object and action art, he is particularly unique in developing a repertoire of compositions that allows him to overcome and connect the borders of abstraction and concreteness thereby finding poetic-surreal pictorial creations. On the other hand, he starts at an early stage to integrate the unexpected into absurd-humorous contexts in a calculated way, just as it was to become typical of postmodern art.

Wesner’s paintings critically reflect the experience of life and the way of thinking of his time. His commitment to subtle charm and the little precious things that he feels around him beyond all clichees proves him as an open-minded and understanding connoisseur and caring observer. Thus he paid his loving respects to his Suebian cultural context. Beyond that, his analysis of the existential questions of the Conditio Humana shows an intellectual acuity that makes him an important and up-to-date voice of his times. Thus his passionate painting reached a validity that goes far beyond the regional background.

Roland Wesner was able to illustrate in his own speaking images the euphoria of being and wavering values, pleasure and suffering in a period of transition.

His work stands out and convinces through a concise colouring and form setting, clear tectonics and deconstruction, ingenuity, wit and deeper meaning. In this respect, he sometimes comes close to some of the admired precursors (like e.g. J.B.S. Chardin, J.M.W. Turner, C. Spitzweg, M. Ernst or W. Baumeister), who – regardless of styles, schools or trends – have created images of lasting power, icons of their respective new “old” times.